21 Important Steps to Write Bestsellers

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Writing Books

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In his superb book The Writer’s Little Helper – Everything You Need to Know to Write Better and Get Published – by James V. Smith, you will discover a list of traits you should pay attention to in order to sell your fiction successfully.  What do readers like in a book? Here are the 21 traits which James V. Smith compiled from his studies and that readers love:

These traits are arranged in a certain order:

  • Appeals to the intellect. The mechanics of a novel: research, organization and structure of a story.
  • Emotions, from connection to excitement. How to engage a reader to create buzz and go viral.
  • Appeals to the soul. It shows if your writing matters and lasts, and if it brings you to the next level as a novelist.


Number one and two are as important for non-fiction as they are for fiction.

  1. Utility…

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