Posted: October 13, 2012 in Writing Books

I adore futurists. They have the finest minds. Then again, I was so sure in 1969, and it all turned out, to my utter regret, so different. It neither pays to be an optimist nor a cynic. Just5 be here now.


Fake fans, fake “likes” and fake reviews are some of the worst aspects of social media — or at least for those of us earnest enough to take user-generated content and the will of the crowd seriously. Now, new research from Gartner lays bare the fact that it’s only going to get worse, as paid social media interactions become a more established industry unto themselves. The analysts predict that by 2014, some 10%-15% of all social media reviews and other forms of engagement will be fake, paid for by the companies getting endorsed.

Ed Thompson, Gartner analyst and co-author of the report, says that this compares to about 1%-4% of social media interactions being paid today — a number he says is based on research on paid and automatically generated reviews and other interactions for different brands.

Gaming social media is not exactly a new concept, but given it’s a…

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  1. Kim Robinson says:

    back in the early 1970’s I attended futurist discussion sessions & talks. I began to detect something false in what I came to think of as their religion of change. I attended a futurist talk last year choking back my laughter at all the serious & sincere people. Why? because the talk could have been transported back to 1972 without changing a word. futurists it seems are extremely conservative. however I agree they are often very intelligent & very sweet people. in addition to being very funny.

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